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# Career choices and dilemmas in their selection – August 3, 2014
Students, when they enter college are churned in the dilemma of choosing a career for themselves. Choosing the right career can be a difficult choice, and without a clear aim it is difficult to steer our lives. Nevertheless, with a little hard-work, self reflection and some future planning we can select the most fruitful and fulfilling career that will be satisfactory for both us and our parents.

The most important factor in selecting your career is recognizing your inner natural talents, in other way you think of a work which you can accomplish effortlessly with skilled training. It is possible, your talent may not go hand in hand with your career but it can still give a insight of what career you should opt.

  • If you are a good at painting, consider graduating from an art school and becoming a graphics designer.
  • If you are good at breaking and fixing up things, you might be very interested in how things work, consider courses in engineering.
  • If you want to be part of the television world, you can get a degree in mass communications and put your feet in the world of television or work behind the main screen. Read more..

# What does a good interview look like? – August 8, 2014
You dress nicely for the interview, reach the venue on time, complete the placement procedure, answer all the questions that the interviewers ask, and get back to your home with a big smile on your face as you have accomplished a big hurdle. But hold on a moment! In your excitement and enthusiasm for answering the questions, you almost forgot how the interview actually went! Was the interviewer happy with your answers? Most importantly, were you satisfied with your answers? There’s nothing to worry though, given below are some pointers as to how a good interview should look like, which will help you make sure whether your outing for the job search was a successful one or not.

  • You have been called for the next round

If you have been given a green flag and called for the next interview round, you can be positive about the fact that the interviewer has liked you. No HR manager will waste his time with aspirants in whom he finds no spark. Therefore, if you have been selected for the next round, it is an indication that the interviewer sees you as a possible candidate to join the company. Read more..

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