Career choices and dilemmas in their selection


Career choices and dilemmasStudents, when they enter college are churned in the dilemma of choosing a career for themselves. Choosing the right career can be a difficult choice, and without a clear aim it is difficult to steer our lives. Nevertheless, with a little hard-work, self reflection and future planning we can select the most fruitful and fulfilling career that will be satisfactory for both us and our parents.

The most important factor in selecting your career is recognizing your inner natural talents, in other way you think of a work which you can accomplish effortlessly with skilled training. It is possible, your talent may not go hand in hand with your career but it can still give a insight of what career you should opt.

  • If you are a good at painting, consider graduating from an art school and becoming a graphics designer.
  • If you are good at breaking and fixing up things, you might be very interested in how things work, consider courses in engineering.
  • If you want to be part of the television world, you can get a degree in mass communications and put your feet in the world of television or work behind the main screen.
Work style is an important deciding factor

To select your career, you also might want to consider your work style. This can be little difficult to discover. You can be a doer, a leader or a learner. If you consider yourself a doer, you are the sole of the job. The execution of the work is at your hands, you can focus and work under intense pressure to effectively fulfill the job.

The leader, is the motivator. He guides people towards the aim. He inspires people with his visionary ideas. If you are the leader, you are responsible for the work people do. Your check in on people to ensure smooth work function. You are on the top of the hierarchy of the work order.

The learners are researchers and strategic thinkers. If you are one of the same, you are a meticulous man. You love learning and fixing things in the most perfect way however you in the pursuit of completing your work precisely you might not be able to complete a work in a short time length.

So now, if you have discovered your work style. Now it is the time to think of the environment you would love to work in and how much balance your want between your work and life.

Do you love field work? Running, jumping, camping is what you like the most? You should consider joining the military, you will learn what only 6 out of 100 people learn. You life will be most unique and not a bit you will repent.

If you love working indoors, consider joining a MNC which has all facilities available starting from gym, recreational centers, coffee shops and awesome spots to work. You need to be dedicated from your soul in order to get a job in these institutions. You can join as engineers, administration managers, financial managers etc.

You might have a dream to be part of a job, where you will be working on the move. You will be paid to travel. Journalists, Geologists, Archaeologists, Photographers, Travel writers are some of the choices you might want to consider.

How much money do you want to make?

Undoubtedly money is important. If you are going to be your family’s only breadwinner, making good money from the career you choose is necessary. But, you should also consider your work-life balance in this journey. It is not at all necessary to compromise your life happiness for earning lot. You can earn a considerable amount of money and be happy. You might enjoy the flow of money you get by killing your happiness but soon you will be drained and your zeal for work will vanish.

As time rolls on you will be more matured and start to believe in the decision you made and if you ever want to change your career, remember you can and for this you always need be versatile in the skills you have. I have known people who enjoyed studying engineering but decided to work in banks and ships. So just lay a foundation, and layer the house of your choice.

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Article publication date – August 3, 2014
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