Now robots are scanning your resumes!


Meet the advanced robots that scan your resumes for employers

Recruiting technology, like the increasingly prevalent applicant tracking system (ATS), is making it easier and faster for job-seekers to find and apply to their ideal employment opportunities. Talent acquisition professionals also appreciate the various benefits of an ATS, one of which is reducing the burden of reading hundreds of resumes to find the right employee.

Candidates and recruiters, however, have reported some anomalies with ATSs, criticizing them for screening out candidates who are seemingly well-suited for the job. While it’s easy to blame the technology, keep in mind that this software is simply doing what it was designed to do. The real culprit for screw-up of applicant screening technology isn’t the ATS itself, but rather how job applicants create their resume.

Rules that were originally designed for human eyes need to be revisited with the advent of technology-based scannning. Hence, it’s time that we tell job-seekers how to write their resumes — rules that will help candidates and employers connect in more powerful and easier ways.
Now robots are scanning your resumes!

Infographic Source: HireRight

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Article publication date – August 8, 2014
Total words – 600
Author profile – Sudarshan Jain